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  • D2-10A


    10,000-lb. Capacity / Asymmetric Clearfloor / Two-Post Lift / Includes Stackable Pads and Adapters D2-10A TWO-POST LIFT SKU 5175313 With a 10,000-lb. lifting capacity, the Dannmar D2-10A utilizes...

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  • D2-10C


    10,000-lb. Capacity / Symmetric Clearfloor / Two-Post Lift / Includes Stackable Pads and Adapters D2-10C TWO-POST LIFT SKU 5175314 The Dannmar D2-10C two-post lift is a great choice in directdrive...

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  • D2-12C


    12,000-lb. Capacity / Two-Post Lift / Triple-Telescoping Arm / Includes Deluxe Adapter Kit D2-12C TWO-POST LIFT SKU 5175312 Dannmar’s D2-12C two-post lift allows clear floors so that you can...

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  • D2-15C


      With Dannmar’s very capable D2-15C two-post, lifting an unusually heavy vehicle is not a problem. The telescoping arms on this Dannmar two-post lift can safely support and lift...

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  • D2-8F


    8,000-lb. Capacity / Two-Post Lift / Floorplate / Adjustable Width / Includes Stackable Pads and Adapters The Dannmar D2-8F has quick lifting speed with a hearty amount of features to increase...

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  • D4-12


    12,000-lb. Capacity / Four-Post Lift Dannmar’s D4-12 four-post lift is engineered to handle up to 12,000-lbs. lifting capacity and provide the rugged durability your shop or garage needs. These...

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  • D4-12A


    12,000-lb. Capacity / Alignment Lift D4-12A ALIGNMENT LIFT SKU 5175318 Dannmar’s D4-12A 12,000 lb. capacity alignment lift utilizes industrial-strength slip plates and turn plates into the...

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  • D4-9 Package

    D4-9 Package

    9,000-lb. Capacity / Four-Post Lift / Includes Caster Kit, Drip Trays and Aluminum Ramps D4-9 PACKAGE SKU 5175319 Dannmar’s D4-9 is a great lift for many reasons. With its 9,000 lb. lifting...

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  • D4-9X Package

    D4-9X Package

    9,000-lb. Capacity / Four-Post Lift / High Rise, Extended Length / Includes Caster Kit, Drip Trays and Aluminum Ramps D4-9X PACKAGE SKU 5175321 If your vehicle has a longer wheelbase such as a long...

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  • DJ-4500


    4,500-lb. Capacity / Rolling Bridge Jack DJ-4500 BRIDGE JACK SKU 5175327 Dannmar’s DJ-4500 rolling bridge jacks are engineered to lift up to 4,500 lbs. Install this rolling bridge jack on your...

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  • DJ-6000W


    6,000-lb. Capacity / Rolling Bridge Jack DJ-6000W BRIDGE JACK SKU 5175325 Dannmar’s DJ-6000W Rolling Bridge Jack has a 6,000-lb. lifting capacity and is a great addition to compliment a...

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  • DLR-6


    6,000-lb. Capacity / Low-Rise Frame Lift DLR-6 LOW-RISE LIFT SKU 5175330 Dannmar’s DLR-6 low-rise lifts helps you easily raise vehicles weighing up to 6,000 lbs. and even do so using less shop...

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  • DLR-6P


    6,000-lb. Capacity / Portable Low-Rise Frame Lift DLR-6P LOW-RISE LIFT SKU 5175329 Dannmar’s DLR-6P is a portable low-rise lift that helps you move along on wheels! High-density roller wheels...

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  • DMR-6


    6,000-lb. Capacity / Portable Mid-Rise Frame Lift DMR-6 MID-RISE LIFT SKU 5175328 Dannmar’s DMR-6 is a 6,000-lb. capacity mid-rise lift that raises up to 48 inches. With this lift you have more...

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