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Bi-Annual and Annual MNOSHA Vehicle Lift Inspections

Automotive Service and Petroleum Equipment inspects thousands of lifts and pieces of equipment every year. When our technicians inspect your light and heavy duty vehicle lifts, you’ll comply with Minnesota’s Occupational Safety & Health Administration (MNOSHA) requirement for annual lift inspections.

Maintaining the safety and security of your vehicle lift operation will give you peace of mind. Our inspection of your lift includes a multi-point safety check, pressure tests, inspection of lift controls and operation. We will provide written records of inspections for your files for each vehicle lift at your facility. We consult with you about the results, including our recommendation for any service or adjustments or service to correct problems, improve safety, and extend the life of your car lift.

You can trust Automotive Service and Petroleum Equipment to keep your lifts performing safely and efficiently.

= $$$ The typical automotive lift with a dedicated service tech produces $100.00 per hour, $800.00 per day, up to $250,000 per year. Downtime on a single lift of 1 - 3 days can easily cost you $2400.00 dollars. Let's face it you need your service department making $$$ "not excuses".

SAFETY = $$$$ The sudden failure of an automotive lift can be CATASTROPHIC, resulting in - Damage to equipment, Damage to customers property, Injury and even death to your service personal. Consider that this equipment is designed to lift Tons of weight over your head and hold it while you work underneath.

Loss Prevention : it's what we do.

Thru ; Fast and professional repairs on all types of Equip = $$$ less down time, designed to fit your budget.

Thru : Safety First inspection programs
= let us help you lead the way in providing your employees a safe working enviroment. Be a Safety Hero while preventing costly and dangerous equipment failures. Your insurance provider will love you. We can help "OSHA proof" your shop.

Thru : Annual Preventive Maintenance = You will win "Peace of Mind" through our annual Preventive Maintenance program.

Gain the respect of all those you work with by having your equipment inspected, analyzed, lubricated, & adjusted to Factory specs. This program will "Save You Money". Join the many State, County, and City Fleet service Facilitys throughout the State of MN, as well as a multiple of Auto Dealerships who are taking advantage of this outstanding program. Remember equipment that is not serviced goes down, cost you $$$$s and That is a LOSS you don't have to accept .

Thru : Lift Installation and Relocation
= "NOT FOR THE NOVICE" An Automotive lift improperly installed will wear out faster, become a safety hazard, or may even come down. Would you hire a plumber to rewire your home? Some things just must be done by the Professional.

Our installation techs are fast, professional, and knowledgeable. We Can Help and advise with the placement of your lifts as well.

For "all" your Automotive Equipment Needs, Parts, Service, Safety, Preventive Maintenance, Installation & Relocation.

Our Technitions and Staff Specialize in Helping You to $$ PREVENT LOSS AND INCREASE PROFITS $$